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Top 10 Best 3D Water Projections… Ever!

When science, nature and digital creativity come together in the Outdoor environment, the result can really cause a splash!

Water projection is a fine art that blends complex design and projection technology with a natural canvas. It is a technique used more and more frequently and, in the right situations can truly make the public step back and admire a brand’s creativity. Whether it’s to launch a new product, build anticipation, or increase brand awareness, water projections are effective at gaining attention from the event itself, and subsequent online video sharing.

For over 10 years, water has acted as a projection surface in a variety of situations. Originally, water projections were most seen as theatrical effects, at special sound & light shows, and also movie premieres. They relied on custom rigs dropping sheets of water to create a waterfall-like-curtain. As technology improved, techniques evolved and the ‘sprinkler’ shaped screen of mist now provides the most common solution for optimum quality, color, clarity and effect.

The 3D illusion is created from light beaming through an imperfect wall of water. Best results are obtained with rear projection using much brighter bulbs than usual, where the light is deflected by a mist of tiny water droplets. Most clarity is achieved by projecting a contrasting image so video filters and alpha channels need to be considered when making the content.

Read on for our list of the all-time best water projections! Let us know your thoughts.

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